Branson for Wildlife!

Richard Branson helps hundreds of thousands of travelers reach their destinations every year, through his airline Virgin. But he’s also a businessman who is visibly, audibly, and persistently trying to make a difference, whether it is through Virgin Unite - an organization that connects people to make a positive change in the world and has programs like Business as a Force for Good – or through his holiday properties such as Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco. More recently, he has thrown his weight behind Wildaid and its efforts to bring the trade in wild animals, from sharks to tigers to rhinos, to the world’s attention. It might just be one businessman doing his thing, but just watch the videos (with celebrities such as Ralph Fiennes, Harrison Ford, and Jackie Chan) to see the impact one man can make.

Richard Branson – WildAid Whale Sharks – 2011 from Blue Sphere Media on Vimeo.

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